Le magasin Saks modernise ses vitrines avec des produits Apple

C’est la semaine Fashion à New York actuellement: des starlettes dans les rues, des mannequins et des apprenties mannequins un peu partout. Les magasins se mettent donc au diapason en proposant leur propres animations pour la Fashion Week. Ainsi les célèbres magasins Saks Fifth Avenue ont aménagés leurs vitrines avec des produits Apple, afin de proposer des images et des Tweets autour de la Fashion Week.

64 iPads sont donc disposés ensemble afin de créer un écran géant.

L’opération a été montée conjointement par les magasins Saks et Stylelist afin de proposer aux passants des vitrines animées montrant les principaux défilés de la semaine.

Plus d’images ci-dessous.

Dans une des vitrines ont peut aussi voir plusieurs écrans Cinema d’Apple … Lire la suite

Les plans du campus Apple à Cupertino

Les plans du campus d’Apple à Cupertino viennent d’être révélés.
Ce campus ressemblera au building du Pentagone (par son aspect fermé) en forme de cercle.

Tous les détails de ce projet gigantesque sont sur le site de Cupertino.

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Apple iOS 4.3 available early

03/09/11 Apple released the iOS 4.3 for its mobile devices, ahead of schedule.
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Could Apple Be Your Next Phone Company? // I believe I would like this

Apple’s plans to once again change the dynamics of the mobile world are becoming clearer. Bloomberg reported today that the device maker has plans for a universal SIM card that I first reported on in October, and Apple is seeking a way to make it possible for consumers to pay for mobile access from multiple carriers via iTunes. The result of that hardware shift and business model change turns Apple into its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and puts Apple, instead of the carrier, in control of the customer relationship.

The Bloomberg article says:

Apple is working

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“Apple releases new MacBook Pro lineup”

02/26/10 The Apple MacBook Pro laptops were unveiled, and features AMD graphics, Intel’s quad-core processor and Thunderbolt technology.
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Quand Microsoft se connecte à Apple

Ou plutôt quand la Microsoft Surface se connecte à tous les devices d’Apple pour partager du contenu.
C’est ce que propose Amnesia Razorfish avec son application. Vous pourrez ainsi à présent partager du contenu avec ces supports digitaux: une promotion en magasin affichée sur un écran tactile, je récupère le coupon simplement en passant mon téléphone devant l’écran…

Amnesia Connect from Amnesia Razorfish on Vimeo.

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3 Million uniques for $5000. Not bad.

In case you live under a rock, a short recap of “the lost iPhone” saga.

6 months ago Gawker Media admitted that it paid ,000 to get their hands on a prototype of a fourth-generation iPhone for its gadget blog, Gizmodo. Seller of the device told the editors of Gizmodo and other technology blogs that he “found” it unattended in a bar.

I’m not trying to debate if buying a lost or stolen phone is legal or not. This is for the big guys. My opinion on the subject is that as long as Gizmodo did … Lire la suite

Stuff Tourists Like # 3

This is the peak season for Tourists : dear Nouillorqueur, I am sure your couch is booked till Labor Day ( and trust me I feel your pain…), and  just in case you were wondering how they would spend their day in NYC, I can bet you that they will end up in 2 spots :

Tourists Like to Stop in the middle of a street : Move to the side

Using a Pedicab to get to the Apple Store

this is a no-no using a pedicab is a tourist thing, no New Yorker would ever do that.

Apple Store

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Apple to Offer iPhone on Verizon, Ending Exclusivity with AT&T

SAN FRANCISCO — Facing intense competition from phone makers wedded to Google’s Android software, Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, finally plans to make the iPhone available on Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless carrier in the United States.

After more than three years of using only AT&T cellphone networks, Apple is now making a version of the iPhone 4 for Verizon’s network, according to a person who is in direct contact with Apple. Apple and Verizon will begin selling the phone early next year, said the person, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity because the

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